When you have a luxury product, and you are trying to find new way of communicate, beside what we know, let’s try to project ourselves in the future.

We at the agency, have a team of young developers working on the techniques of the future From 3D phone, tablets and computer without glasses soon you will be able to see your products in a room in front of whoever you desire or an app to help your consumers to find you in any place anywhere around the world.

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Quote from Forbes the magazine.
Interestingly, HBO, which pioneered the strategy, has been applying the trend in reverse. Their HBO GO app, which at the moment requires a cable subscription, could easily be untethered and become a direct competitor to Netflix.

One of the new advanced high tech software, will be the hologram. We are developing for luxury companies an all set of different systems.

As well we work with digital air, a company leader in all fx, vfx technology, event activations The last is a software call if interactive fashion, especially developed for us, instead of a facial recognition it’s an image recognition that will take you right to the core of the brand.


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