The Legend - Paris. The Blue Hour

The Legend - Paris. The Blue Hour by Michel Haddi

Experience the blue hour, the Parisian light the special one.

Paris is the city of thousand lights. from Georgia May to Marisa Berenson. Or even Japanese Butoh dance it happens in Paris think about the new wave of talents coming from Paris, they are young and beautiful and they are in the blue hour, but if your senses are hooked on fashion, the surprise will be there. A romantic tale of darkness where fairies in the mist meet new ages witches.

Paris is a legend just go there and enjoy the romance.

Wonderfully designed by Roberto Da Pozzo in Milan.

Michel haddi

40 pages
45cm x 30cm
350gsm cover galerie art gloss
175gsm text duo tone galerie art gloss
A limited edition with a print 11x14 inch inside. Book and print will be hand signed and numbered

The Legend - Paris. The Blue Hour is a loose leafed unbound book, so our collectors have the opportunity to turn these beautiful pages into framed artworks.

The cost of this unique collection is £300, not including postage.

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