The Legend - Rick Owens

The Legend - Rick Owens by Michel Haddi

The lost samurai.

If there is one designer in the planet fashion that brings Avant guard mysticism and romance, it’s for sure Mr Owens. Far from the establishment Rick Owens redefine the codes of fashion. his unique universe and his sense of style combine with the greatest sound track made us looked at fashion in a different way .

We could say he is a lost samurai. a Ronin, (a samurai without a master) an elegant dandy from London in the 19th century where lord Byron will walk hand in hand with Mary Shelley. All about rick Owens is outrageous and slick.

We are so proud to dedicate this new legend to the talent of Mr Owens in this new opus we take you inside his atelier in Paris its again all about fashion ,emotions.

Coming out in Paris during march 2017 fashion week.

40 pages
45cm x 30cm
350gsm cover galerie art gloss
175gsm text duo tone galerie art gloss
A limited edition with a print 11x14 inch inside . book and print will be hand signed and numbered

The Legend - Rick Owens is a loose leafed unbound book, so our collectors have the opportunity to turn these beautiful pages into framed artworks.

The cost of this unique collection is £300, not including postage.

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